6 Yoga Poses for Stronger Running

Whether a seasoned veteran or lacing up for the fourth time, occasionally you end up hitting a wall and need a breakthrough to help get to that next level. Yoga is beneficial across the board and all levels of runners can incorporate a bit of yoga to help bring out their best numbers, whether in endurance or sprinting. Think about the movements in running; right leg, left leg, right leg, left leg, repeat until fatigued! Running is a sport that focuses on one leg at a time, so most of these poses focus on stability and strengthening one leg at a time. Train them individually and together they become a powerhouse!
You don’t have to be a Yogi to do these poses. Transition into the movements slowly, find balance, take strong breaths, and most importantly listen to your body. These poses will open up your hips, strengthen your legs and help with focus for any run.
Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat, interval timer(Gymboss is a free app download).
What To Do: Watch the videos below to get a good overview of the poses and the movements. Initially, focus on 5 deep breaths for each pose. As the moves begin to feel more comfortable, hold for a minute while still focusing on strong controlled breaths. Do this routine 3 times a week with 3 complete circuits for the best results!
1. Tree Pose
2. Chair Pose
3. Warrior I
4. Half Moon Pose
5. Triangle Pose
6. Warrior III
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