6 Yoga Poses that Lift and Tighten Your Butt

Yoga is often thought of as a light and easy form of exercise, but that’s not always the case. While there are less demanding yoga routines available, many can actually be quite challenging when performed correctly. If your goal is to tighten and shape your booty, combining strength training with a flexibility routine is the most effective course of action. For this reason, we’ve put together 6 of our favorite yoga poses that lift and tighten your butt, to perform in conjunction with your current strength training routine.

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Yoga Poses that Lift and Tighten Your Butt

What you need: a yoga mat or towel
What to do: Watch the video demonstrations for each exercise below, and then try to hold each pose for 10 breaths per leg (as needed.) Advance to progressing through the yoga routine like a circuit, inhaling and exhaling, while transitioning from one pose to the next. Complete two circuits of 10 breaths for each pose.
  1. Downward Dog with Leg Lifts to Ab Crunch
  2. Crescent Lunge
  3. Half Moon Pose
  4. Tree Pose
  5. Chair Pose
  6. Bridge Pose