Can You Lose Weight Just by Doing Yoga?

Can you lose weight just by doing yoga? It’s been ingrained in us that, if we want to shed excess weight, we must participate in high-intensity, cardiovascular exercise. While this form of training is highly effective, is it truly the only way to lose weight?
The debate has been going on for what seems like decades. Some people believe that yoga just isn’t intense enough to burn the number of calories required to lose weight. Others, however, know that yoga can help you lose weight, in more ways than one.

Can You Lose Weight Just by Doing Yoga?

Yoga requires both physical and mental strength. Try to look at the bigger picture; it’s not just about the workout. You see, the “secret weapon” of any solid yoga routine is that it doesn’t just affect the body, but it improves the the mind as well. Yoga will help you get your body and mind in balance, greatly increasing your chances of successful weight loss.

A Balanced Mind Makes Healthy Choices

This form of exercise changes you from the inside out. After practicing yoga, will become more aware of your body. Instead of just thinking about what you want, you’ll pay more attention to what you need. Practicing yoga regularly will cause a mental shift that can enable you to come to terms with unhealthy habits that you’ve probably lived with for years. When this happens, making healthier choices will become second nature and positive changes – including weight loss – will occur.

It’s Also a Physical Challenge

The mind absolutely plays a huge role in the effectiveness of yoga as a weight-loss routine, but the physical aspects cannot be overlooked. While you may think of it as light stretching or a balancing act, you’ll realize how physically taxing it is once you try it!
Aside from mental toughness and physical strength, yoga requires balance, flexibility, focus, and endurance. As you progress in a routine, you will build all of these things! The health benefits of yoga are numerous, but the most recognized benefits include:
  • Improved flexibility and posture.
  • Stronger muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
  • Healthier bones and joints.
  • Increased blood flow and focus.
  • A greater sense of happiness and positivity.
The truth is, in order to understand the incredible power of yoga, you need to try it out for yourself! It has helped many people lose weight, and it can help you, too! If you’re not ready to jump into a class just yet, try these at-home routines, first!
It’s common knowledge that you must eat healthy, nutritious food if you want to lose weight. The line becomes blurred when we get to the exercise portion of weight loss. When it comes down to it, any form of training can help you shed excess pounds and inches if you perform it consistently. That, of course, includes yoga!
Yoga holds real potential as a weight-loss method. If you’ve never participated in a yoga routine, consider giving it a try. If nothing else, it will promote a sense of peace, relieve some stress, and help you get a good night’s rest.