Fat Blasting Yoga

This intense, fat blasting yoga workout focuses on stabilizing muscles. That’s the difficult part that will help to blast fat away! Discovering new muscles and new ways to make our bodies adapt to change will always bring amazing results. Yoga is all about adapting to change.

What to Do: Watch the videos below to get a good overview of the poses and the movements before you begin. You’re going to do 2 sets of this routine. Start with 1. Sun Salutation. After you do 11. Bridge Pose, jump back to the 2. Plank, and restart the routine and then complete it in its entirety. Focus on controlled breathing. If a minute hold is too easy for these exercises, add 30 seconds to increase the difficulty. Do this routine 3 times per week and alternate your starting base foot to revamp the workout.
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  1. Sun Salutation-  The Sun is our number one source of energy. Paying homage to the Sun helps transition and bring focus into your upcoming routine. 2 repetitions
  2. Plank- Keep your CORE tight. 1 minute
  3. Downward Dog Leg Lift- Start with the right foot as your base. 10 repetitions each leg
  4. Lunge- Start with the right foot as your base. 1 minute
  5. Warrior 1- Start with the right foot as your base. Long and strong arms. 1 minute
  6. Extended Side Angle- Start with the left foot as your base. 1 minute
  7. Tree Pose- Strong legs! Start with the left foot as your base. 1 minute
  8. Warrior 2- Start with the left foot as your base. 1 minute
  9. Plank- 1 minute
  10. Bow Pose- 1 minute
  11. Boat Pose- CORE tight still! 1 minute
  12. Bridge Pose- 1 minute
  13. Happy Baby Pose- Let loose and feel free. Smile and say something positive to yourself. 1 minute
End with a moderated Sun Salutation. Hands together, thumbs centered in your chest. Two big breaths so you can feel your hands rising and you  inhale and exhale. Hands together still and up straight in the air into a slight Half Crescent Moon Pose. One last deep breath in. Exhale, hands come down. You greet the Sun to start and you bid farewell to the Sun to end. Namaste!