HardCORE Yoga

I know what you’re thinking. Hardcore Yoga? No thanks. But wait! It’s not hardcore, it’s HardCORE! CORE as in abs. A sleek pair of hard abs will make you feel sexy and strong. Yoga is normally practiced as a full body workout, but if you create a routine of poses to target specific muscle groups, the results will be phenomenal.
This routine will strengthen your upper abs and those pesky lowers abs and obliques. Most importantly, we’ll also target the spine and lower back, as they are part of your core. Since focus is important in yoga, all those minor and stabilizer muscles will be used to shred that midsection. A strong core is central to everyday life.  If you’re feeling strong, check out our BONUS Telasana Core Pose below!
Equipment Needed: Yoga mat, towel, water for hydration, Interval Timer (Gymboss is a free app download)
What to Do: Watch the videos below to get an overview of the poses and to know what to expect. These poses are great for every level yogi, even if you’re a first timer. Initially, focus on 5 deep breaths for each pose. As the moves begin to feel more comfortable and you begin to feel more strong, hold for a minute while still focusing on strong controlled breaths and your core. Do this routine 3 times per week with 3 complete circuits for the best results!
1. Locust
2. Camel Pose
3. Side Plank Pose
4. Cobra Pose
5. Boat Pose
6. Royal Sunbird
7. Bridge pose
8. Sphinx Pose
9. Upward plank