The Intensati Workout – A Transformational Fitness Routine

Mind/Body workouts are becoming more and more popular as women begin to realize that muscles aren’t the only thing that need exercise for optimal results. Your mind needs support too for weight loss success. This conscious workout helps improve physical strength and your state of mind at the same time.
Developed by Patricia Moreno, this workout based on Yoga, and martial arts techniques, was designed to harness the power of the mind to achieve the potential of the body. Get empowered and aware with these easy and fun-to-do moves!
Move 1 – Commitment
Embody your commitment with verbal affirmations while you work your arms. As you do this exercise you will repeat the mantra: Yes I’m committed!
Move 2 – Shimmy & Shake, & Smile
While you shimmy and shake your with your body you also verbally affirm your happiness with the mantra: To live a life I love!
Move 3 – Desire
While you jump and push forward with both arms, you’ll affirm: I want it, I want it, I really really want it! [the healthy life you love].

Move 4 – Passion
With palms facing up you’ll do upper cuts in kick-boxing fashion and repeat the mantra: I’m gonna break through, I’m gonna try something new!
Become a mind body warrior for your own success with these simple fat-burning moves that also improve self-esteem.