Yoga Workshops that Transform the Mind & Body

Yoga gives benefits that no type of drug can ever offer you. Luckily, there are many types of yoga, and each of them offer a variety of benefits.
Asthanga – Yoga with a core established in a set of 6 strenuous poses performed in rapid movements. It is best for the very driven with little time on their hands, as well as weight loss goals. Minimum yoga knowledge is required.
Bikram Yoga – Situates standard yoga practices in a sauna-like room to amp up benefits. What could be better?
Hatha – a combination of all the modern existing forms of yoga. It is best for calming down and de-stressing, along with physical benefits of all other forms.

Iyengar – Uses props to help you perfect each and every move. It is best for those with patience to achieve perfectionism!
Kripalu – This has three parts, teaching you to know, accept, and learn from your body. Self-empowerment is its main goal, perfect for the modern determined female.
Kundalini – Emphasis on constantly moving, invigorating poses. Helps to give a yoga buzz with a heightened energy.
Jivamukti – Traditional, Indian yoga with an adapted twist for westerners.
Prenatal – For the mommy to be who wants to keep pursuing her love for yoga in a way that is healthy for her baby.
Power – A derivative of the previously mentioned Asthanga yoga, but at a much more aerobic level. The athletic type who loves to sweat is best.

Restorative – Tailored more toward relaxation. Many times you will spend up to 20 minutes in one pose. It is best for stress and injury rehabilitation.
Sivananda – Based on a five fundamental elements philosophy of proper breathing, relaxation, diet, exercise, and positive thinking. Best for the more serious yogi truly dedicated to an overall yogic lifestyle.
Viniyoga – An individualized practice which allows yogis to adapt poses that meet their own needs. Those with back pain love it.
Yin – Quiet, meditative, with focus on lengthening connecting tissue. It greatly prepares the body mind and meditation practice.